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QatarEnergy, in collaboration with Japan’s Qatar Petroleum Development Co (QPD), has renewed a 5-year agreement to continue the development and production of the Al-Karkara and A-Structures oil fields located in the territorial waters of the State of Qatar. The new agreement, which commenced on 23 December 2022, extends their partnership and reinforces their commitment to sustainable energy practices.

Under this renewed agreement, QPD, a company jointly owned by Cosmo E&P and Sojitz, will retain its role as the operator of the oil fields, overseeing the ongoing development and production operations.

The Al-Karkara and A-Structures oil fields are situated approximately 90 kilometers east of Doha and comprise three small fields: Al-Karkara, discovered in 1988, and the A-Structures (A-North and A-South), discovered in 1971. Initially considered non-commercial, QPD demonstrated their commercial viability in the late 1990s, leading to the commencement of production in March 2006. Since then, these fields have collectively produced an impressive 33.5 million barrels of crude oil.

A notable aspect of the Al-Karkara and A-Structures fields is their commitment to sustainable environmental practices. These fields have achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first in the State of Qatar to achieve zero gas flaring. This feat has been accomplished by re-injecting the excess sour gas underground, minimizing emissions and promoting responsible energy development.

The renewed development contract between QatarEnergy and QPD represents a continuation of their successful partnership and reinforces Qatar’s commitment to maximizing the potential of its oil fields while embracing environmentally responsible practices. With this collaboration, both companies aim to further contribute to Qatar’s energy sector and strengthen the nation’s position as a responsible global energy player.