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Established in 1977 as an aerospace company specializing in aircraft gas turbine engines overhaul and repair, Hanwha Power Systems has evolved into one of the fastest-growing companies in the compressor market. With a rich heritage in rotating machinery technology, the company has delivered over 6,000 compressors to more than 1,000 customers worldwide. Hanwha Power Systems is renowned for its design, manufacturing, testing, and servicing of turbo compressors catering to a wide range of air and gas applications.

Expanding Horizons

Hanwha Power Systems has witnessed significant growth in the compressor industry and has extended its influence to the power generation and hydrogen market. The company now offers high-efficiency eco-friendly solutions such as sCO2 engines, turbo expander generators, and hydrogen refueling systems. As Hanwha Power Systems enters new territories, it remains committed to growing in tandem with its customers, placing challenges and customer values at the forefront of its operations.

Unwavering Promise to Innovation

Embodying a promise of continuous innovation for the best air and gas solutions, Hanwha Power Systems stands out in the industry with its application of innovative technologies. By creatively employing integrally geared turbomachinery architecture and leveraging a team of world-class engineers, the company has expanded the performance and applications of its solutions. Hanwha Power Systems diligently listens to the market and invests in technology research and development to stay at the forefront of the industry.

A Vision for Sustainable Growth

Under the leadership of CEO Hyunsoo Cho, Hanwha Power Systems has achieved remarkable growth, driven by numerous accolades from satisfied clients. As it forges ahead, the company is committed to creating more value for its customers and society through efficient and eco-friendly solutions, coupled with quality services.

Contributing to the Community

Beyond its business endeavors, Hanwha Power Systems is dedicated to making a positive impact on the community. Through various social contribution activities, including the creation of air purifiers, the company actively engages its employees in giving back to society. The “Eco Cube Sharing Project” delivers self-made air purifiers to vulnerable individuals annually, embodying the company’s commitment to contributing to the greater good.

Pioneering Key Innovations

At the heart of Hanwha Power Systems’ success lies its dedication to innovation. The company has achieved groundbreaking advancements, such as additive manufacturing of impellers and radial expander wheels capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. Through casing treatment design and integrally geared machinery architecture, Hanwha Power Systems has optimized compressor performance and expanded its applications to supercritical CO2 power generation cycles.


Hanwha Power Systems stands as a beacon of innovation in the air and gas solutions industry, driven by its commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. With its vision for sustainable growth and dedication to social responsibility, the company’s journey towards a better and more eco-friendly future continues to inspire and impact industries and communities alike.