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Founded in 1885, De Pretto Industrie is a distinguished Italian turbomachinery manufacturer with more than 130 years of history and experience. Over the decades, the company has evolved into an independent Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for cutting-edge steam turbine generator sets up to 50MW. Additionally, De Pretto Industrie has established itself as an Independent Service Provider (ISP), offering exceptional expertise in repair and revamps of rotating equipment manufactured by various OEMs in the market.

A Legacy of Excellence and Flexibility

De Pretto Industrie’s enduring legacy lies in its unwavering commitment to providing OEM competencies with ISP flexibility. As a one-stop solution provider for any rotating equipment, the company’s technical department of 30+ engineers excels in key domains such as thermodynamics, construction, instrumentation, and systems. The combination of reverse engineering capabilities and extensive engineering expertise enables De Pretto Industrie to develop customized solutions for each product and brand, catering to the unique needs of its customers.

Innovative Solutions and Customer Focus

Innovative thinking is ingrained in De Pretto Industrie’s approach to manufacturing and upgrading turbomachinery control systems. The company adheres to the highest market standards, latest norms, and best practices, ensuring that each project follows a tailor-made approach. This commitment to customization results in reduced capital and operating expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX) for end-users, providing them with cost and lead time advantages.

Customer-Centric Approach

At the core of De Pretto Industrie’s brand story is its customer-centric approach. The company places paramount importance on understanding and addressing its customers’ turbomachinery challenges, striving to enhance performances and reduce outage time frames. With a dedicated team of passionate professionals, De Pretto Industrie executes emergency repairs efficiently and promptly, both for its own installed fleet and third-party equipment, thus minimizing operational costs for customers.

Expanding Presence in the Middle East

As De Pretto Industrie looks to the future, its Managing Director, Massimo Imperiali, highlights the company’s trusted reputation in the turbomachinery business. The company is committed to expanding its presence in the Middle East, investing in local resources and tooling to provide even closer support to its customers in the region.

Ethics, Safety, and Positive Vision

Beyond business success, De Pretto Industrie’s success slogan, “Great people make great companies,” reflects the company’s culture and values. Upholding the highest safety standards and acting according to a strong code of ethics, De Pretto Industrie remains dedicated to understanding and addressing the economic and social challenges faced by its customers. With customer satisfaction at the forefront of its mission, De Pretto Industrie continues to pioneer excellence in the turbomachinery industry.