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In 1952, under the name Talleres Mec√°nicos Comas, now known as TMCOMAS, a family-owned company embarked on its journey within the precision engineering sector. With a steadfast commitment to high-quality service, continuous innovation, and technological advancement, TMCOMAS has emerged as a revered name in the industry, earning recognition at both European and international levels. Today, boasting a comprehensive service repair workshop encompassing over 6,000 m2 (36000 sq. feet) of facilities and a team of highly skilled metallurgists and technicians, TMCOMAS stands tall as a provider of cutting-edge solutions for rotating machinery repair, Laser Cladding, thermal spray, babbit bearings recovery, special welding, reverse engineering tasks, and precision machining. Let us delve into the brand story of TMCOMAS, a company driven by the pursuit of customized solutions, differentiation through innovation, and a commitment to societal well-being.

Customized Solutions for Industry Needs

TMCOMAS‘s driving philosophy revolves around providing the best-customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each industry. For decades, the company has invested in innovation and technological development, culminating in its status as a reference in mechanical and surface engineering services. With an extensive track record of timely deliveries, TMCOMAS‘s expertise is built on reliable experience and the ability to execute the entire manufacturing or repair process in its own facilities. Empowered by a highly skilled team of mechanical engineers, chemists, and metallurgists, TMCOMAS offers clients unparalleled options for tailored solutions that meet the most demanding requirements.

Embracing Innovation for the Future

As the industry advances, TMCOMAS remains at the forefront of innovation, technology, and expertise. The brand’s 70 years of local and international experience underscore its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. Ensuring continuity in providing top-class services to a stringent industry, TMCOMAS now pioneers the establishment of a certified academic learning center to train future professionals, solidifying its position as an industrial reference in engineering and surface treatment.

Contribution to Society

Beyond its remarkable contributions to the mechanical and surface industry through investment in R&D and participation in educational activities, TMCOMAS embraces social responsibility with a robust work ethic. Caring for the well-being of its team, TMCOMAS actively collaborates with various charitable causes of national and international impact. This dedication to societal values underscores the brand’s commitment to making a positive difference beyond its business endeavors.

A Vision for the Middle East and GCC Countries

Steering TMCOMAS‘s growth in the Middle East and GCC countries is Tarek Murad, the driving force behind business development in the region. Leveraging his multicultural background and technical expertise, Tarek is poised to establish TMCOMAS as a constant presence in the region, bridging European and Middle Eastern cultures for exceptional service delivery.

Key Innovations

TMCOMAS‘s legacy of innovation is distinguished by a series of pioneering breakthroughs. From conducting the entire manufacturing or repair process in their own facilities to providing quick and customized solutions matching clients’ unique needs, TMCOMAS sets new standards in the industry. The brand’s groundbreaking work in thermal spray and Laser Cladding implementation in Europe has earned them a position as trailblazers in the field. Additionally, their success in titanium agitating shaft repair and chromium-free surface coating through Laser Cladding has garnered acclaim.


TMCOMAS‘s journey from a family-owned company to an internationally recognized leader in precision engineering and surface treatment is a testament to their unyielding commitment to innovation, technology, and customer-centric solutions. With a clear vision for the future and a dedication to societal betterment, TMCOMAS stands poised to continue its legacy of excellence for years to come.