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Malaysian oil and gas giant, Petronas, proudly announced on Monday the remarkable discovery of six oil and gas deposits across five blocks offshore Sarawak, Malaysia. The groundbreaking findings were the result of a rigorous domestic exploration drilling campaign initiated in late 2022, which also marked the significant discovery of Nahara-1 in Block SK306 – a historic oil find by PETRONAS Carigali within the past decade.

Adif Zulkifli, PETRONAS Executive Vice President and CEO of Upstream, expressed great enthusiasm for the achievements, stating, “This string of successful discoveries clearly shows the still untapped exploration potential of Malaysia’s basins, waiting to be discovered by companies who are willing to adopt new and innovative ways.”

The company attributed its exploration success to an “innovative clustered exploration” approach, a distinct method tailored for highly matured geological provinces. By challenging traditional norms and defying long-standing dogmas, Petronas’ exploration teams demonstrated their determination and willingness to explore new frontiers.

Mohd Redhani Abdul Rahman, PETRONAS Vice President of Exploration, added, “We are highly encouraged by our early success and will continue enhancing our efforts.”

The series of discoveries has sparked great optimism for Malaysia’s Upstream sector, positioning the nation as an attractive destination for companies seeking to participate and invest in exploration opportunities. Petronas aims to replicate the triumph of its “innovative clustered exploration” approach in other exploration ventures across Malaysia, fueling expectations of even more groundbreaking findings in the near future. With its commitment to innovation and investment, Petronas remains at the forefront of unlocking the untapped potential of Malaysia’s basins, fueling economic growth and energy security for the nation and beyond.